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Ashley & Michelle






What a random menu selection….from hot dogs and sammiches to Zarzeula and Schnitzel.


Intrigued by the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives episode, we decided to take a little lunch trip into Dutchtown.  This casual dive has a slight cabinesque feel with a Harley flair; lots of wood, dimly lit by iron skillet light fixtures and sweet ass country printed plates.  The service was quick and laid back.

Schnitzel & Spaetzle

Breaded, seasoned, and fried pork patty with Spaetzle and a side of green beans

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – I liked it, but I felt no love connection to this dish.  Having said that, I must to admit I have been spoiled by the food at the Essen Haus in Madison, Wisconsin, so my schnitzel and spaetzle expectations were high.  The spaetzle was actually a little moist for my liking, I like it on the dry side, so that I can sop up the juices from the rest of the dish with those little tasty morsels.  The pork was good, good flavor, good breading, good stuff.  The beans were just a good way to incorporate a vegetable into this lunch.

Michelle’s Rating:

Average.  After never even hearing of this dish before, I thought I’d give it a whirl….not too shabby! The pork could have been a little more tender, but overall the flavors were wonderful! The green beans however were a little too hard.

Monte Cristo Double Dog

 Two split open hot dogs topped with swiss cheese and grape jelly.

Ashley’s Rating:

Fair – I can live without having this again.  It’s kind of weird, I liked it, the flavor combo was good, but nothing about this hot doggie dish was very monte cristo-ish to me.  I had imagined some sort of fabulous looking hot dog and breading display, and was somewhat disappointed with a cut up dog draped in a sheet of swiss cheese stuck to a jellied bun… I think about it some more, I suppose I was hoping for a big jelly donut skewered by a meaty hot dog. 🙂

Michelle’s Rating:

Alright. I was expecting more pizzazz. It was just something I could totally make at home.


Why not make another Soup Nazi reference in our blog? He clearly visited this eating establishment and left a little token behind for everyone to remember him by.


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