Three Kings Public House


You Are Invited To:

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The Loop




 I really like this place, it reminds me of some of the pubs in Ireland, one store front wide and what seems like three deep.  The decor is something I like too, exposed brick and stucco, hardwood floors and sparing wall decorations.  The service was fast and attentive.  The Three Kings pride themselves in supporting local Missouri and Illinois farms, which is fabulous! I think we all should try to support the locals a little bit more.  I like this place enough to want to go back and try the Chorizo Nachos!!

Daily Special – Chicken Pot Pie with Squash

Ashley’s Rating:

Sadly somewhere between Fair and Fine – I was excited for this Pot Pie, I envisioned a flaky crust fluffed high, sitting over a bubbling crock of chicken and veggies, this fluffy cloud of yummy goodness that was going to enter my excited mouth and then squash, buttery and creamy, a melt in your mouth vegetable, just what the doctor ordered……uhh no….just look at that sad little plate!  Burnt crust not golden, flat not fluffy like I had dreamed about in the (oh about 15-20 minutes) after hearing that it was that day’s special.  The squash, ugh, I needed to salt the buhjeebus out of it and dip it in something saucy, it was so bland, no love there my friends, no love.

Sweet Potato Fries

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – I liked, didn’t love.  These little puppies were my bonus treat, I love sweet potato fries!  H.O.W.E.V.E.R these were thick cut, um hello, these tasty little guys are supposed to be thin cut so they are crispy and crunchy.


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