Seamus McDaniel’s


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Ashley & Michelle






Nice selection of bar and grilly type stuff at very reasonable prices. We are kind of disappointed that they don’t have more authentic Irish or at least Irish inspired dishes.  The layout is totally Irish though, so that is a bonus.


Your good ol’ dark Irish pub.  The place is always busy and the staff always super friendly.

Bacon Bleu Burger (well done, crispy, charred to perfection) with Broccoli

Ashley’s Rating

Fabulous – I have to start by saying that I do not love hamburgers (except those from Culver’s) I like ’em thin and crisp.  This particular burger was G.I.A.N.T. it was literally the size of my hand, huge bun, huge hunk of meat, two perfectly cooked pieces of bacon and warmed bleu cheese.  The burger fit on the bun perfectly and the thickness was even from middle to edge, these two things make for a great burger in my humble opinion.  The broccoli were good not amazing and this lunch kept me full to breakfast the next morning, seriously.


Side Salad

Michelle’s Rating

Alright. Classic iceberg bar and grill salad. House dressing is tasty. Thought I’d make a little healthier choice for a side since I’m sure the burger’s not. The fries are pretty awesome, though!

Seamus Cheeseburger (Medium) with Cheddar

I am a burger purest. I want to taste the meat and cheese. No garden stuff.

Michelle’s Rating

Ambrosial!!!! O…M…G!!! I have to say this is my absolute favorite cheeseburger! My reasons are 5 fold:

1) Meat is Certified Angus Beef

2) Juicy, juicy, juicy!

3) Perfect patty to bun ratio. It drives me crazy when you get a big bite of chewy bun.

4) Nice soft buns! Toasted and buttered, baby!

5) Perfect patty thickness.

COME HUNGRY…..Leave with an awesome Irish T-shirt to wear on St. Patty’s Day.

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