India Palace


You Are Invited To:

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Ashley & Michelle


Bridgeton (at the airport)




Your basic choices of Indian fare as most Indian restaurants serve the same types of dishes with their own specific flair.


A slightly over decorated Indian version of a 90’s tiki hut.  Since neither of us have been to India we are not really sure if this setting is supposed to feel like a Hawaiian vacation or not…. :-/  The staff was very considerate in that they laid out paper under the high chairs for the kiddos, generously added an extra samosa to the appetizer, and gave us a complimentary ice cream with mango sauce.  Be warned if you don’t know exactly how to get there it can be kind of tricky.

Samosas – Spiced potatoes and peas in a triangular flaky pocket of yummy goodness (insert grin here)

Ashley’s Rating

Flawless – It’s a touch myself kind of appetizer.  In general I could eat these little buggers every day. 

 Michelle’s Rating

Awesome – The best first bite of Indian food. 

 Kashmiri Nan – baked leavened bread with cashews, pistachios, raisins and cherries 

Ashley’s Rating

Flawless – again bringing down the house with leavened bread. 

 Michelle’s Rating

Amazing – Sweet and doughy…. just how I like my man… 

 Butter Chicken – Gently spiced chicken in a cream sauce

Ashley’s Rating

Fabulous – The flavor was great, but glad I didn’t choke on the bones that were hidden in the sauce. 

 Michelle’s Rating

Alright –  Sauce was flavorful, but I was nervous every time I took a bite of the meat, see above reasoning. 

 Lamb Korma – Mildly spiced lamb cubes in a cream sauce with cashews, almonds and raisins.

Ashley’s Rating

Flawless – Tender lamb in the most tasty sauce ever.

 Michelle’s Rating

Amazing! – That sheep was the shit. If I do decide to brave Indian food again, I’m going with this one.




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