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Downtown St. Louis




Breakfast crepes, savory crepes, sweet crepes and breakfast specialties.  Most of which are made with ingredients from small local farms that do not use hormones or antibiotics and places that take care of their animals, farmers and environment!  Bonus times three.


Let’s just say, this is one busy joint!  If you go on the weekend, get there early or you’ll be-a-waitin’.  For the most part the place is large, it’s maybe 3 or 4 store fronts wide and they also have additional seating outside.  The waitstaff have been on their game each time we have gone there, which is a plus if you do end up waiting for a table.  The service in general is speedy (minus the one time when the kitchen was being remodeled or rearranged or something like that) and I think we got our coffee comped that morning.  We know when a place is busy you can’t be persnickity, and I’m not even allowed to be that way anyway, as J.J. has been part the food service industry for a while now and we usually end up having a conversation with the waiter about “how busy it is” and “oh I know what you mean”….and well since I’m so sweet, how could I be persnickity?!

French Toast with caramelized banana’s and nuts

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – You can never go wrong with caramelized bananas, a medley of nuts including but not limited to pistachios, sunflower seeds, cashews, walnuts and pecans over perfect French toast.  Makes my mouth water just looking at this again!

Savory Crepe – Bacon #1 with baby arugula and caramelized onions (everything here has great presentation)

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – Not your typical crepe, I want to say it’s deconstructed, but it’s not really, it’s just presented differently, it’s not overly saucy, not sweet, not rolled, but so damn tasty, just the way God made it, er uh, just the way the chef made it.

The Rooster Slinger – apparently in the top 20 breakfasts in the country, see one of the many reviews…

Breakfast scramble #3 – Sirloin, red onion, roasted red peppers and fontina cheese!! 

Side of fresh fruit

Good coffee, good coffee fixins…give me raw sugar, cream in a little cup and a wooden stir stick for my coffee and you’ll have a happy girl.



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