Cunetto House of Pasta


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Ashley & Michelle


The Hill




Authentic, best of The Hill, Italian selections done up right!


 Old school Italian….think Goodfellas or The Godfather. Dimly lit, woody, lots of old timey pictures, and gold light fixtures.  Mental caption: “If the atmosphere makes me feel like I could potentially get caught in the middle of a mafia scuffle, it makes the pasta even more tasty!”

Infamous Garlic Cheese Bread

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – I’m only giving this a fine since I am not 100% sure that this wasn’t StL Provel (eeewww), I much prefer Mozzarella.  BUT, I did like it, I have to admit.  I do have to give praise for perfectly crispy and buttery bread!

Michelle’s Rating:

Ambrosial for sure! Butter, cheese, butter, butter, cheese, yes, yes, yes, please! Holy maccaroni, this is savory with the perfect crispy edges and soft inside.

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – A middle of the road for me.  I liked it but didn’t love it.  But I think out of all the Italian style salads I’ve had so far, this is the best.  Side note: I’m a field green, with fruit and candied nut and vinaigrette kind of salad girl.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! I love a “dive right in” salad especially with creamy Italian dressing. A little heavy on the Parmesan cheese this time, but great none the less.

Melanzane Parmigiano (Eggplant)

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – The best eggplant I have ever ordered….might have been the only time in history I have ordered eggplant (this was Michelle’s choice).  I liked it, I would get it or share it again (with mozzarella of course).

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome! This is an appetizer, but I ordered it as my meal and it was still a little more than I could handle for lunch. Well, I did have 4 pieces of garlic cheese bread prior. Great flavor and the marinara isn’t over powering. Don’t forget, more savory provel (look it’s all golden brown)!

Tortellini Bianco – Cream Sauce with Mushrooms, Prosciutto and Peas

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – I could have eaten all of this, if I had room for it.  It was also great the next day too, and a certain picky toddler loved it, and that is sayin’ something.

Michelle’s Rating

Amazing! What a great cream sauce. This is definitely not your run of the mill, jarred sauce! You can tell someone took time to season this to perfection.

New Addition…Meal Quotes:

“OMG, I can taste every bit of this butter”

“It’s like a Chalice of Bread”

“I’m so full, but I want to keep eating”


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