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Ashley & Michelle


Midtown by SLU




Smoked meats with 3 signature sauces and quite a few sides including beans (green and baked), corn, slaw, sweet potato fries, etc. Only voted the Best BBQ in St. Louis 4 years in a row by the Riverfront Times. That’s all you really need to know.


Since this place is renowned for it’s good eats, you will most likely have to wait in line. If you are smart and get there when they open you’ll not have to wait long.  Even if you aren’t interested in being the first kid off the bus, just know that the service is lightning fast!  We’re talking so fast that Michelle snagged a table after ordering, then Ashley promptly ordered and grabbed her drink and Michelle’s food was at the table before Ashley even sat down!  Uh yeah, lightening fast.  They have so many staffers there to clean tables and ask you how your meal is, you literally have to respond with “it’s amazing”  like 10 times.  So, if you like to be prepared you can come up with your 10 different, yet clever responses now.  See we know what you really want, a heads up. Hah.

Oh yeah…..word to the wise, don’t get there too late because they will run out of food (maybe even the meat you were craving)….then they close for the day.

Full Slab of ribs with a 1/4 side of beef brisket, applesauce and pork-n-beans

Ashley’s Rating:

Ribs – Flawless – Do I need to say anything more really?  Seriously…sticky, smoky, perfectly cooked rib meat…I didn’t really even put this yummy goodness in BBQ sauce, but obviously had to try it out just to see if it enhanced the flavor, which it did, shocker I know.

Beef Brisket – Fine – I only had a small taste of this, but it was tender and good.

Applesauce – Fair – It was nothing special, I was hoping for home-made

Baked Beans – Fabulous – These were the perfect side for me, warm and gooey.

I have to give a shout out to my dad for buying my lunch today, THANKS DAD!

Michelle’s Rating:

Ribs –  Ambrosial! I’m not a big rib eater, but these stopped me in my tracks. It took every ounce of will power not to divert Ashley’s attention so I could steal her plate. Now, these are not quite “fall of the bone” ribs, but you get tons of meat and an abundance of flavor!

Pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries, slaw and green beans

Ashley’s Rating:

Pulled Pork – Fabulous – A meat pile of perfection!

Sweet Potato Fries – Fabulous – being a dipper of fries, I was amazed that I didn’t feel the need to dip these little buggers, perfect on their own.

Green Beans – Fine – these were good, but I think I’d try the slaw or get double beans next time.

Michelle’s Rating:

Pulled Pork – Amazing! Lean and tender. Generally, I skip the pre-packaged bun so I can cash off all the meat. My sauce choice is a mix of Sweet Baby Jane and Holly’s Hot Sauce.

 Sweet Potato Fries – Amazing! These aren’t crispy, but they sure are good anyway….sweet and salty!

Green Beans – Amazing! Now, I really like these. Lots of pepper and oil. These aren’t from a can, baby!

Cole Slaw – Average. It’s hit or miss with the vinegar and spice ratio. My preference is creamy slaw with BBQ, but I guess I’ll suffer.

Meal Quotes:

“smoked meats make me giddy”

“those sweet potato fries or ribs for that matter, don’t even need any dipping sauce”

“I totally didn’t think I was going to finish my whole meal, but I took it down like a champ”

OMG....OMG....OMG....Look how close we parked! This totally never happens.


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  1. I’ve eaten a lot of BBQ in my life but I’ve never had ribs as good as Pappy’s. Their dry rub is out of this world. When people come to St. Louis, it’s the first place I recommend they eat (after, of course, recommending that they check out this site). I’m also a huge fan of the brisket, which never really happens. I’m usually “meh” about brisket but I LOVE the Pappy’s brisket.

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