Farmhaus (a week of)


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Ashley & Michelle


Lindenwood Park


Lunch – Monday thru Thursday


The blue plate special, but if it comes on a white plate don’t be worried. You get one choice, buddy. You don’t like it, go somewhere else. But don’t really, because you’d be missing out! For $10 you get one amazing, memorable side salad, an entrée, and sweetened or unsweetened iced tea.  For a little extra, try their daily dessert special. It tastes like Grandma’s in the back cooking up some good farm-house grub (that’s local, fresh, and organic no less).  No salt and pepper on the tables here, ’cause the food is perfect as it comes to ya.  The prices jump dramatically for dinner, so lunch is the best deal for the $.


The establishment is on the small side. It’s trendy and minimalistic with rustic touches.  The brown paper over the white table clothes and dish towels as napkins add to the character of the place.  Most of the servers wear plaid shirts for a little more rural somethin’, somethin’.  The staff is always pleasant and attentive, but never overly speedy.  In our experience, you think you’d get your food faster since there is only one choice.

Spinach salad with sweet onion mustard seed vin (plus a fun, oversized cracker/wafer thing)

Ashley’s Rating:

Flawless – One of the best side salads ever!  The home-made dressing is perfect and the egg, onion, radish, cucumber and caramelized onion are brilliantly put together…that ratio is just right.  I wish I could just get a giant one of these once.

Michelle’s Rating:

Ambrosial. This has to be the most, perfect side salad in the world (minus the radishes)! Three words….THE PERFECT DRESSING! This stuff needs to be bottled and sold.  I wish you could just order this salad with grilled chicken for a meal.

Monday – Bacon wrapped meatloaf medallions with Pappy’s BBQ reduction, glazed carrots, and smashed taters

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – You can’t go wrong with this…I’m guessing it is a meatloaf log smothered in bacon slices, then sliced into nice thick sliced, gently placed next to a scoop of slightly lumpy taters and finally complimented with glazed carrots, O.M.G.  Flavorful forkfuls in any combination!

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! This is now my favorite day since they decided to discontinue the sliced beef. (Sad face!) The Pappy’s reduction definitely makes this dish what it is, in my opinion.  The patties are nicely ground/spiced beef without all those chunks in some of your typical meatloaves.  Carrots (not too hard and not too mushy and just a little sweet) and taters both very yummy as well.


Tuesday – Sausage, Peppers, Dirty Rice

 Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – I have to say I was not at all excited about this particular day, I pleasantly surprised with the flavors just not as pumped as other days.  It looks great on that plate though!

Michelle’s Rating:

Alright – Interesting mix of flavors. Sausage is very lean, in other words slim to none on the gnurdle count.  I wouldn’t mind getting this again.

Wednesday – Fried chicken, mac n cheese, smashed taters

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – Let’s start with the Mac & Cheese..meh!?  I have found out that I am not a fan of M&C all that much, there is only one place that I really love it and I compare everything to that one place, which isn’t fair…but it’s life.  The taters are always a winner with me!  The chicken…as I have said before I’m not a huge fan of fried chicken, but I was elated to see a boneless cut on my plate, extra bonus points! 

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome – Holy starch! I’m glad the portions are small, ’cause this is a heavy combination. I could have done without the gravy. Taters, again, very good. Mac and cheese, nothing super special, but “check” on the creaminess. The chicken is a gamble – you may get thigh, wing, or leg drummy with your boneless chunk of white meat.  I like how the chicken is not greasy and it’s perfectly crispy.

Thursday – Fried white fish, hush puppies, red beans and rice

Ashley’s Rating:

Fair – I liked the fish enough to finish it, but not really something I would get again.  The hush puppies were a bit too crisp and dry for my taste and I would have preferred a remoulade instead of cocktail sauce, that was just too weird.  The beans and rice were okay.  A filling meal for sure, but not one that made me leave smiling.

Michelle’s Rating:

Between alright and awful. I’m not a big bean and rice person, the fish was not as crispy as it could have been, and the hush puppies were over cooked.

Meal Quote:

“this salad is so amazing…totally in my top 5”

“Pappy’s BBQ reduction baby!”

“these carrots are goood” … “yeah they are”




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  1. Wish there was an option to get a large salad. It’s really all I need. The salad alone is worth the trip!

  2. I thought the peppers and dirty rice was way too small for a hungry guy like me. It tasted great, but I could have eaten a whole ‘nuther dish full. Went to Culver’s 3 hours after lunch for more food.

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