Blondie’s Coffee and Wine Bar


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A small but delectable menu of breakfast and brunch items on the weekends and breakfast, lunch and dinner during the week.  In my humble opinion great quality food for the price.  Nicely decorated, as J.J. put it, it was modern with a feminine twist.  I recommend you go soon before it gets too hot to dine on the awesome patio.


We had a great time here, fairly quick service, a nice atmosphere and great food made for an enjoyable Sunday breakfast.  We went early since we have a little who needs his breakfast fairly early for the weekends and we were not alone, there was another table that arrived shortly after us with two littles.  The seats were comfy and the tables big enough to accommodate a little with a long reach.  There are high tables with sweet bench seats and so many other comfy looking places to have a drink or dine.  I enjoyed every bit of our breakfast.

Popovers – 2 plain, 1 herb with savory herb dip and sweet honey-lime butter 

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – You can get these in either herb or plain.  We got both.  The herb popover with herb dip was awesome, so creamy and flavorful.  The plain with honey-lime butter was equally great and the lime flavor had just the right bit of dominance. 

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Salmon Bagel – not my actual picture since my camera battery went dead

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – Just picture this on a rectangular plate; a toasty bagel, three small bowls of cream cheese, capers, finely chopped red onions, sitting next to a lovely pile of smoked salmon.  It’s a build your own breakfast, and I loved every second of it. 

Omelette – 3 Eggs, Bacon, Spinach and Feta with wheat toast

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – This is what J.J. ordered, I though it was good, he loved it.

Meal Quotes:

“everything exceeded my expectations in flavor – that never happens”

“oooooh this coffee is strong”

“I love this huge table, you don’t have to play tetris with plates”



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