Hodak’s Restaurant and Bar


You Are Invited To:

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Ashley & Michelle


South City




Chicken, chicken and more chicken.  How many chickens have to die to keep this place runnin’ and to fill our guts?  Who knows, who cares.  Oh yeah, they do have other stuff too.  Sandwiches, ribs, steaks, burger and salads…quite a variety we’d say and at very reasonable prices.  Don’t forget about them for large party carry-outs.


First of all, Happy 50th Anniversary, Hodak’s!  This is a good-sized place, but for dinner there could never be enough room.  The service is super fast; these peeps are used to having to book it on a regular basis.

Mini Tacos

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – How can you go wrong with these, especially with a dollop of Daisy?  These are such a comfort food for me…yum.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome – A great fried standard and the perfect mode of Ranch transportation.

Beef Stew and Cornbread

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – I really liked it.  It looks a little boring, but I was surprised at how tasty it was AND the meat didn’t have nasty *gnurdles  in it. BONUS.

*Gnurdles – pronounced ‘Nur-dulls – those nasty little bits of  hard unchewable and inexplicable in your meat, yah you know what I’m sayin’.

Michelle’s Rating:

Uhhh – I come here for the chicken.

1/2 Fried Chicken, Slaw, Green Beans

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine.  It’s not what I came here for, but I will recommend it to all my fried chicken eating friends because of Michelle’s emphatic rating.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – definitely in my top favs for the best fried chicken. The cornmeal batter is light and not overly greasy. You MUST eat the “piece de resistance” slice of white bread at the bottom that has become saturated with the fried goodness. Slaw and green beans are also flavorful and great.

Meal Quotes:

“Wish there was a barrier between us and our neighbors”

“I want to order everything fried that’s on this menu”



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