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U City Loop




Since we’ve never been to Syria, we are going to assume this is close to what you would actually get if you dined there, or it could be like our Americanized Chinese food. Who knows (we don’t know any Syrians to ask), but it’s good none the less.  The lunch menu has a good-sized selection of hot and cold dishes  all very affordable so you can have a decent sampling of this regional fare.  The choices are not overwhelming in regards to intimidatingly strange ingredients.  (Big word count: 2, Goal: 5 so we can sound “smaht”).


What great people watching on the street! If you sit outside, don’t make eye contact or you will be solicited by random passers-by.  Anyway, beautiful outdoor seating, and very festively and colorfully decorated inside.  There is even a cool room in the back for an authentic dining experience. Friendly and helpful wait staff, also.

Hummus and Pita

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – Even though it’s a middle of the road rating, I think this is the top rating that hummus can really get.  Eating hummus can never be flawless (*see definition on About Me page). I really liked the flavor, consistency, and A+ for presentation.

Michelle’s Rating:

Alright – Ditto on the presentation and they sure don’t short you on the pita stack. The hummus is nice and creamy, but could use more garlic. The pita is very flat and dry. I prefer a fluffier, thicker pita myself.

Kibbeh – fried balls of spiced meat

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – You really can’t go wrong with fried, spiced ground meat pockets. It was the perfect dryness to the dipping sauce’s sauciness.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing – These were pleasantly interesting. I’m thinking they were borderline overcooked, but very tasty!  The dipping sauce was a little on the runny side, but topped this appy off nicely!

Shish Tawuk – seasoned chicken kebobs, Syrian seasoned rice, side salad garnish

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – This was very tasty, light and a perfect meal to have while dining outside in the sunshine. Perfectly prepared chicken and rice with a great, flavorful dipping sauce….I love sauce, I love to dip my food in sauce, it was delightful.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome – This was good. The salad was refreshing, chicken pretty moist and seasoned nicely. The rice, on the other hand, had a strange foreign flavor.  Overall, a nice, lighter choice.


Ashley’s Rating:

Flawless – Some of the best baclava that has ever graced a plate set before me, hahah, it was the perfect consistency, not too gooey or runny and not the opposite either, it is definitely a dessert worth tasting.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing – Yummy, yum, yum. Flaky, sweet center, and perfectly moist. I’m super knowledgeable about ingredients, so, honestly, this tasted like the center of cinnamon and sugar pop tarts. This is not an insult in any way, ’cause I love those.

Meal Quotes:

“uhh, this chick singing in my ear is getting really annoying (regarding the Syrian music over the outdoor speakers)”

“pistachio nut dust on baclava, thank you very much”


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