Pirrone’s Pizzeria


You Are Invited To:

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Dinner (like every other weekend)


Pizza, salad, pastas, etc. You, know, your usual pizza joint spread. It’s a little pricy, if you’re considering take out, but if you want some good pizza (a change-up from the Pizza Hut or Domino’s), it’s well worth it!


Since 99% of the time we carry out, I can tell you the staff is very nice…..and quite young actually. They get pretty packed during dinner because of the popularity and the long cooking time of their pies. This place is so popular in fact, that they had to relocate to this new, updated location (it happens to be the entire plaza) from their old school looking restaurant around the corner.

Be careful because they like to nickel and dime you on the little stuff like adding cheese to your salad and meat in your pasta sauce. Michelle’s money-saving tip: print off their always available coupons from the website to save on your order. Sweeeet!

Side Salad

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome. Yes, this is your run of the mill pizzeria salad with not much to it (iceberg, provel, tomatoes, onions), but it’s the dressing that makes this salad what it is. A simple vinaigrette dressing that they toss it in. Add some fresh cracked pepper and you got a great starter.  Word to the wise, order a small when you carry out ’cause it’s basically the same size as the dinner salad, but cheaper. Tricksters!

Hot Wings

Michelle’s Rating:

Alright – Only one kind here, folks, and boy are they hot! Like I’ve said before, my wings have to be crispy, which these are not when you order out.  Plus, the heat overpowers the flavor I think.

Beef Ravioli

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome – These are tasty little guys and they seem truly homemade. (If they are or not, I’ve been fooled).  These pasta pillows are cooked to perfection and the meat inside is a good consistency.

Hamburger and Pepperoni Pizza

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – Homemade tasting, St. Louis style pizza at its best.  The cheese and sauce make a creamy bed for the toppings of your choice. Then, a parmesan seasoning is sprinkled on top for that little extra somethin’, somethin’.


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