Onesto Pizza & Trattoria


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South City


Supper Time!


Pizza and other specialty foods made from organically or locally grown fruits & vegetables. They also use antibiotic & hormone-free proteins and seafood, which are in no threat of becoming endangered.  Score! I love to support places that have this philosophy.


 Eh…the experience is not anything that makes me want to come back. I was here on two separate occasions and the service was just okay for me both times. I had my little with me each time, the second occasion was way unpleasant as the service was so slow (without going into specifics) I was very disappointed. I kind of vowed to never “dine in” again. I am totally down with getting take out because, I really want to try a few other things from the menu.

Dough Nuggets (I’m sure they have a proper name)

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – You can’t go wrong with nuggets of warm buttery dough, I liked these!

Arancini (Rice Ball)

Ashley’s Rating:

Fair – I was no fan of this appetizer. I don’t know why…because rice, Parmesan cheese, parsley, ground beef and peas all breaded and deep-fried sounds great to me. This was even the FoodieSTL recommendation if I remember correctly, did they steer me wrong? I don’t know. It may have been that I was already annoyed with my experience or could just be that it wasn’t my thing.

Smoked Pork Roast Special

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – This looked very good, but the flavor of the juice was not right to me….the meat was nice and tender and the vegetables were nice and soft. Overall not a fan.

Yellow Fin Tuna Special

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine –  This looks very pretty, bonus points noted. There could have been more saffron risotto for the price. The tuna tasted great. From my experience, I would recommend trying main menu items before venturing out onto the specials menu.

Penne Pasta

I just had a bite of this and it was very good. I know I sounded a little crabby above with my ratings, but the experience spoke louder than the meal did. I looked at the menu again and am very interested in trying the pizzas and the calzones. I have to say again, I do love to support a place that serves local and organic ingredients!!


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  1. I would like to try this place next time I come for a visit. I know it is with-in walking distance from your house. Pizza sounds good to me.

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