Eckert’s Restaurant


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Belleville, IL




I’m an all around suburban girl, so anything country kinda gives me the willies, however, this place is the exception…..THE coolest farm around. This Belleville location is the largest, most updated, and most happenin’ of the three farms. It’s easy to spend a large chunk of the day here from venturing out to pick the seasonal fruit, perusing the market with an overwhelming amount of produce, bakery items, wines and cheeses, and specialty goodies, picking out some plants in the garden center, having lunch at one of the two restaurants, checking out the kid’s play area, and finishing your day off with a frozen custard. This is just the beginning…..there are constant activities including wine tastings, cooking classes, birthday parties, concerts, food festivals, hay rides in the fall, and if you’re feeling frisky…..give Bunko a whirl. Talk about a family friendly place!


This is a two-sided restaurant. You can either dine on the cafe and grill side or the down home cookin’ country restaurant side. Some items, such as the fried chicken, are available on both menus.

I prefer the cafe side because I like the artisan type combos and venturing away from the “safe” choices. You get many choices of salads, sandwiches, soups, pizzas, and entrees crafted from their tasty fresh ingredients.  It’s such a hard decision. Everything sounds wonderful, I kid you not.

Beignet type Pastries with Eckert’s Apple Butter

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! These are like eating dessert before your meal. Light and crispy, then top them off with the sweet and perfectly smooth apple butter.  This is THE best apple butter I have ever found, so I make sure I stock up at the market next door.

Chicken Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich with Greek Side Salad

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome. The sandwich was flavorful with the help of pesto sauce, but extremely messy. The salad was just ok considering it’s only lettuce and feta….then you add the dressing which has even more feta in it.  Is it too much to ask for a measly tomato slice or cruton?

Fried Chicken with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome. Very crispy and juicy without being greasy, but nothing to write home about. Potatoes are awesome (no need for gravy) and green beans are just average.

 COME HUNGRY….leave with $40 worth of fresh fruit straight off the tree.

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