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We’d like to give a special shout out to Patty O’Brien for introducing us to this foodie treasure and all the amazing people who make it happen every day.  — OMG! This is the cutest restaurant we’ve ever been in, it’s like you’ve walked back in time to a general store. However, this is not Harriet and Nels Oleson’s Walnut Grove General Store, it’s so much more trendy. They have tons of kitchen-ware, quirky gifts, kids toys and books, wine, coffee, and last but not least freshly made dishes packaged to take home.


The menu is small, but that doesn’t make it any easier to decide what the heck you want. Some of the many things they cook up here are home-made soups, fresh salads, creative sandwiches, hearty quiches, and homestyle entrees. All three meals are served here everyday minus Monday, ’cause they need a break alright! They pride themselves in using local and organic ingredients (extra brownie points guys!) and make most everything from scratch.

Burger Special – Grass fed beef patty with hothouse tomato, cole slaw & pimento cheese with side salad

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – A very fine tasting burger. I liked the pimento cheese and cole slaw additions. However, the salad is lacking in the topping area, aka there are no toppings. It’s just coated lettuce. Wah Wah.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing. I can see why this is a contest winning burger. I believe the reason this burger went past awesome is because of the flavorful toppings. (insert here, where Ashley would say it tastes better because it’s grass-fed beef, but I don’t care what the cow ate, I’m the hungry one).

Fish Sandwich – Gulf Fish, Sriracha Dressing, shredded Cabbage, pickled Red Onions & Cilantro with side salad

Ashley’s Rating:

Flawless – This is one first-class fish sandwich. It was not breaded…love. It had Sriracha dressing….love, love. I pretty much said OMG in between each bite. I think I could have enjoyed it even more if I had slowed down.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! Between the chewy ciabatta bread and the cilantro cabbage, this flaky fish sandwich brought on a fresh flavor explosion.

Beef Brisket – served with a topping of brie and horseradish mayo

Ashley’s Rating:

Flawless – This is just about the best piece of meat ever! I will call it out as the best brisket I have EVER had. So juicy, flavorful, savory, tender….and the sauce, oh the sauce…That. Was. Heavenly.

Michelle’s Rating:

Ambrosial! – Why is this ambrosial, you ask? Because there is brie on this bitch! Combine juicy lean meat with an amazing not too heavy sauce, you can’t go wrong! Every bite is perfection.

Pulled Pork – with a side of cole slaw and house made white barbecue sauce

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – A taste is all I had of this fine sandwich and it’s all I needed. I know this is worth your trip to come try this bad boy.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – Another top score for Winslow’s. Lean and juicy without needing extra sauce, but if you need to, use their white BBQ sauce. Ok, so it’s not really BBQ sauce, but rather a flavorful horseradish mayo.  The buns, overall, are all great supporters of the meat without being too much bread to meat ratio.

Pecan and Apple Pie Slices

Both pies are amazing, y’all! The crusts are to die for! J.J. said this was the best pecan pie he has ever had in his entire life.  These are high marks since he has been around for a while and pecan pie is his fav!

Goat cheese and chocolate chip cookie

Don’t leave this place without one of these homemade deliciousnesses. The chocolate is sealed between the outer layer of chocolate chunk cookie. Don’t be scared of the goat cheese. This cookie is so soft and moist.

Meal Quotes:


“the brisket has it’s own fan club”

“I wanna high-five forks”


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