A’mis Italian Restaurant


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Rock Hill




Talk about a tiny, hole in the wall…..I mean hole in the strip mall, and strange decor which includes stained glass (think church), neon lights and mirrors (think disco), and an abundance of fake foliage (think Garden Ridge). OK, so the neon lights might be a St. Louis pizza joint thing ’cause Mike Talayna’s Jukebox Restaurant has them as well. Put all that aside and you have a super nice family staff making your carb wishes come true.


Pizza (NY style), Pizza (Chicago style), Pizza (St. Louis Style), Pasta, Entrees, Sandwiches

Never Ending Pizza Dough Rolls

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – Dense, soft, and chewy and perfectly cooked. Great for dipping in the creamy salad dressing. Must be eaten warm, though. These little boogers will suck you in….before you know it, you ate damn near the entire basket and are asking for more before you even get your salad.  Don’t forget to keep ordering more so you have some to put in your doggie bag.  Plus, request a bowl of their house dressing for your dipping pleasure (see below for details).


Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing = rope provel + fried crutons (probably more pizza dough) + addicting creamy parmesan Italian dressing. Put those three key ingredients on any iceberg with a little tomato, and you have yourself a tasty salad.  Honestly, you could put this salad dressing on cardboard and it will be the best cardboard you’ve ever eaten. This is my Italian ketchup…..dip everything in it. I’m not gonna lie to you, the dressing after taste stays with you (garlic, anchovies, whatever it may be), so keep some mints, gum, or even more rolls handy to clear your palette.

New York Style Pizza with Half Pineapple/Ham and Half Onions/Green Peppers

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! One of my top favorite pizzas for sure with that bubbly, chewy cheese! They take pride in giving you quality toppings.  The pineapples aren’t just little slivers, but large chunks and the veggies are sautéed before applied to the pie. Genius!  As you know, from my on goings about the pizza dough before, dip it in the dressing when you reach the rim. This is fantastic reheating pizza; oven is highly recommended.


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