Spiro’s Restaurant


You Are Invited To:

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Ashley & Michelle


Lindenwood Park




Old school fine dining at it’s best. White table cloths, tiny candles in glass candle holders, and lights you would find hanging above your grandpa’s pool table.  The servers even make your salad table side. Fancy, schmancy! Not gonna lie, you kind of feel a little under dressed when you first enter, but you are welcomed with open arms.


Talk about authentic Greek (with a hint of Italian and Mediterranean) at very reasonable prices. We are so glad they have descriptions beneath each menu item so you know what the heck you are ordering. This is another “point and shyly mumble your order” restaurant.   From spanakopita and mousaka to steaks and seafood. If you want the full Greek experience, order the flaming cheese (Saganaki) made table side. Don’t be shy, join in the tradition of yelling Oprah!!!…..no wait…Opah!

 The Battle of the Complimentary Breads

The waiter teased us with this fantastic bread to start off the meal, then proceeded to tell us that it was the “back up” bread (above) and was being served until the “real” bread (below) was delivered for the day. Which happened to arrive while we were there!

Michelle’s Vote:

 The back up bread; thicker, pretzel-like crust and a fluffy, soft inside.  Now what am I going to do on the next visit when I am denied this wonderful bread?!

Ashley’s Vote:

 The back up bread beat out the real bread by a nose. I can’t resist the yummy pretzel bread outside, I mean, OMG.

Mousaka – Layers of Eggplant, Ground Beef, Zucchini, Potatoes, and Topped with Cream Sauce

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine. I actually enjoyed the flavors even though it was kind of a mushy dish. I would get this again. The vegetables were just your everyday you know….But if you want to eat healthy, you must add veggies into your diet and this was a score for health. 

Michelle’s Rating:

Alright – I was a little put off by the texture, most of which was mushy, but the flavor was pretty solid. Maybe the veggies were overdone? I’ve never had mousaka before, so I don’t know exactly what it is supposed to taste like. The green beans were very good and the baby carrots, I feel are a cop-out.

Spanakopita and Tiropita – One Spinach and One Cheese Stuffed Phyllo, Rice, and Veggies

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – How can you go wrong with these Greek treasures?!

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing!  Now this is where it’s at. Perfect size, perfect flakiness.  My only complaint is that the two should be combined into one for an even distribution of feta and spinach.

Gyro with Greek Fries

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – Fries! Fabulous Fries! These are spectacular. I did not try the gyro because I didn’t want my hand to get slapped for sneaking bites beyond the fries.  Don’t worry this was our dining friend’s plate, not one passing by to a neighboring table.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! The gyro meat is very moist and flavorful and the Greek fries were beyond amazing! What delicious little fried taters. The onions and the parmesan cheese made them that much more special.



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