Rookie’s Bar and Grill


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Ashley & Michelle


New Town




It’s like Cheer’s “Where everybody knows your name” (we know you are singing it to yourself right now, ha). We are a little biased because we know people…shout out to the Hildebrands!  The decor is your average sports bar style with neon signs, many TV’s, and the walls are plastered with St. Louis sports paraphernalia.  The attentive wait staff always keeps the cold ones coming. Come for dinner, stay for the game, get kicked out at 1:15am.


Bar food at it’s best. Yummy and fried. Dip that shit in some ranch. This is a sports bar, if you can’t already tell. The menu will help you through your game plan. It’s organized by game time terminology. Every food item has a sports related title. Don’t be afraid to get an entrée, they also do these really well. Side note: “The Tiger Woods” hot dog was given its name prior to his adulterous shenanigans….funny though.

Mini Tacos (served with salsa, but you should use ranch)

Fried Pickle Spears (way better than pickle chips)

Broccoli Cheese Bites (Yes, even the veggies are battered and fried)

Garlic Parmesan Breaded Chicken Wings (nom nom nom)

 Potato Chips with Melted Cheese and Bacon Bits (carbs with grease, sprinkled with grease)

Buffalo Chicken Nachos (Individually decorated triangles of yummy goodness)

Nauti Shrimp (sautéed in flavorful naughty….I mean nauti sauce)

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – How can you go wrong with such good choices and freaking amazing ranch. I have to agree with Michelle, this ranch is by far the best.  I do have to call out the fact that smoking is allowed which brings it down a notch for me.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – This place is my favorite location for ordering the tastiest ranch transportation especially the crinkle fries. I can never decide which starter to choose for the “first quarter”.  Everything is cooked perfectly and comes to your table piping hot!

Jack Daniels Chicken Wrap

Our intent was to over appetize and get a smorgasbord of high calorie greasy wonderfulness. Then MS got a wrap and threw us off kilter.

Meal Quotes:

“….my tummy hurts….”

“I think that kid over there is drinking the ranch



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