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Ashley & Michelle


Ellendale Neighborhood




We had been anticipating the opening of this diner for quite some time, stalking the front door hoping to see an “open” sign.  Once we finally caught wind that the brown paper has been peeled off the windows, we made a lunch date.  The title may have said it best…your everyday diner with a Southwest flare in the food and decor.  The staff was super nice and very attentive and obviously it’s clean because it’s brand spankin’ new.  For a rather small place, it was bright and quite open feeling.


Southwest style breakfast items and lunch items decorate the menu. Looking at the menu, it was a tough decision because everything sounded so good.  We entered with high expectations caused by months of anticipation, and we left quite disappointed. (Sad face). Read on.

New Mexican Breakfast Burrito Enchilada Style (chorizo, cheese, home fries, eggs, green chilies)

Ashley’s Rating:

Forgetful – One would think having a southwest flare, there would be some detectable flavor, but no. Not on this plate.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awful! You know when you have a cold and can’t taste anything. Well, I thought I was coming down with a cold.  Thanks to the chorizo, there was about 2% flavor in the whole dang thing.

Buttermilk Cornmeal Pancakes

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – If you’re looking for a good solid breakfast, these are it. Very filling 5/8″ thick pancakes.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome. These were heavy, but pretty darn tasty. Our meal’s saving grace. They taste literally like pancake and cornbread in one.  Major syrup soaker.

Green Chile Enchiladas with Rice and Pinto Beans (corn tortillas, Monterey jack cheese, green chile sauce)

Ashley’s Rating:

Forgetful! Yet another plate of nothingness.  What a disappointment!

Michelle’s Rating:

Awful!!! Where’s the salt?!  I would’ve rather had canned beans instead of these doughy, crusty beans. Everything on this plate tasted like absolute bland, bland, bland.

Tostadas (corn tortillas, beef, cheese) and Rice

We didn’t try this. At that point we had already made an assumption, sad to say.

Reuben and Fries

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine. A good reuben. Redemption at last.

Michelle’s Rating:

Alright.  Finally a little flavor. I’m not a big reuben fan, but it helped get my taste buds back on track for the day.

Meal Quotes:

“this place would make a killing if they stayed open for the after bar crowd”



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  1. I was there too. I REALLY wanted to like it, but it was terrible. The waitress was so nice – I didn’t have the heart to tell her how awful it really was. How can you have chiles all over something and it have no flavor at all?

  2. So disappointing. I RARELY salt my food at a restaurant…and I couldn’t reach for the salt shaker fast enough. But even that didn’t help. 😦

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