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We only had time for a quick supper, thinking the little guy would be starving very soon, so we chose this place, well he wasn’t hungry, hah!  Anyway, we got our food super fast and piping hot! Piping hot side note: I was thinking a while back, I can’t remember the last time I had a dish brought to me “piping hot”, it was refreshing.  Now I don’t like to eat super hot food, but I like to know that it was actually that hot at one point, and that I have the choice to wait till the right temperature to eat my food. The service was nothing special, the waitress was slow (not in a bad way, just not in a speedy waitress kind of way) she also lacked the social personality necessary of someone who waits tables for a living.  When we questioned her on menu choices, asking which she would prefer of the two options we proposed, she blankly stared and said she hadn’t tried the items and said they have different flavors.  Well duh, we understand this, the different flavors, we are looking to YOU for advice. Minus two brownie points for lack of fun. Plus one brownie point for having very clean and tidy tables.


Thai and Chinese food choices on a pretty extensive menu!   A better menu than any other take out Asian style place I have been to around here.  I think the business (in my opinion) probably does a greater volume of take out versus dine-in.  I plan to go back soon and try some other things, there are several that sound very tasty…like Som Tum (papaya salad) or the chicken asparagus or the panang curry!

Crab Rangoon

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – A standard item for us, nothing special here. Just a good old Rangoon. The sauce was good though! A slightly different take on the red gelatinous goop that usually accompanies Crab Rangoon.

Crispy Mee – Chicken, shrimp and beef with mixed veggies over a twisted spiral of crispy fried egg noodles in a succulent mildly sweet sauce

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – I wouldn’t agree with the “mildly sweet” sauce description, I would say that it’s fiery with a sweet finish. This was a new dish for us, it was a home run according to J.J. and I would agree. For $10 you get this giant bowl. Good for two if not three meals.

Pad Thai – Chicken and Tofu

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – I wasn’t actually all that hungry for supper, so I ordered what I knew would be a good meal for leftovers. This did the trick, it was tasty the day of and the next day…and since I really didn’t eat much for the first night, it lasted me three meals. Good bang for the buck, you bet!!

Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice – Onions, green onions, garlic, raisins, cashews and pineapples served with cucumber sauce

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – Now this is getting a pretty high rating for simply being fried rice, I know.  But, it’s like a triple threat for a little person…fruit, nuts and fried rice!  This is a winner in our house.

Meal Quotes:

“Wow, yum, I would get this again!”



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