Mama Josephine’s


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Ashley & Michelle


Shaw Neighborhood




Super tiny little place that makes you feel like you are in grandma’s dining room.  Service was so family friendly we felt like we were ordering food from our aunt.  Nothing can make you feel more welcome than this little homey joint.


Talk about your quintessential “home cookin’ spiced with love”! This food fills your guts and warms your heart. The kind of meal that will get you to the barn and back, or to Shaw and back to work in our case.  They serve fried meats, hearty sides, and no longer healthy veggies ’cause they add the good stuff straight from Josephine’s original New Orleans recipes.

Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy, Fried Cabbage, Sweet Potatoes, and Corn Bread

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous! I rarely order chicken fried anything, but I do taste J.J.’s every time. This blows everything I’ve tasted out of the water. The sweet potatoes and fried cabbage were good choices to compliment this dish.  The corn bread was just meh.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! The chicken fried steak was super tender and the breading was on the lighter side, not so heavy and crunchy like you get at chain places.  Sweet potatoes were tasty and buttery, the cabbage was delightful, and the cornbread was pretty solid.

Fried Catfish, Hush Puppies, and Green Beans

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine. This was good, but not exactly up my ally. The hush puppies were a little dry and the green beans were standard.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! The fish was perfectly flaky and moist in the middle and tastefully crunchy on the outside. The hush puppies were disappointing; dry and lacking seasoning.   The green beans were classic.

Chicken ad Dumplings

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! Talk about a big bowl of homemade goodness! I am not a chicken and dumplings connoisseur, but this consisted of perfectly seasoned broth, perfectly gooey dumplings, and super tender chicken chunks.

Pulled Pork, Onion Rings, and Slaw

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome! Honestly, I didn’t get a very good sampling of this sandwich, but what I did eat made me want to get this on the next visit. The onion rings were light and mega crunchy! Yum!


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