Cafe Natasha’s


You Are Invited To:


Ashley & Michelle


South Grand




Simple dining, no fuss. We’ve never been to Persia, but we’ll go ahead and assume it’s pretty authentic. It’s a Persian version of your typical family owned Italian restaurant. The front dining room is on the small side, intimate if you will. The wait staff is pleasant and patient.


Persian food in a casual setting. Warm tasty eats with really, very delicious flavors.  Let’s talk about the styles of dishes:  First you choose your entrée then the entrée style (Sandwich wrapped in Pita, Rice Platter and Salad Delight) which is how you want it presented.

Kashke Bademjune – Persian style mashed flame roasted eggplant, with chickpeas, garlic, onion, mint and spices. Served with pita.

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – A tasty starter, I’m glad we tried something new. Eggplant is not normally an item I would choose to eat, but this was a pleasant flavor and quite filling even as a shared appetizer. Nice presentation as well.

Michelle’s Rating:

Alright. Here’s this dang flat pita again. Can we get the middle east a little yeast?! Anyway, the texture turned me off a little bit here plus it was a little bland. I let Ashley cash this off.

Chicken Koubideh Kabob – Salad Style

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – specially seasoned ground chicken kabab, yes please. I would definitely get this again. If you aren’t sure of what to order here, this is a perfect dish to get you started on Persian cuisine. I could go for this again, very soon. Oh, and don’t forget the fresh feta.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome. This was mighty tasty with the seasoned ground chicken. This would make the perfect pita style!

Lamb Biryani Pilaf – Rice Platter Style

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – Absolutely 100% a dish made for me, tender lamb placed over a bed of saffron rice with chickpeas, onion and cumin! I thought this was fantastic. Tough to beat!  This was an ooh’er and an ahh’er kind of dish.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely complimentary flavors and super moist and flavorful lamb! We could not stop eating this and I believe we were fighting over the last bite.

Meal Quotes:

“ooh this is good, this is reeeal good”


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