The Drunken Fish


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Ashley & Michelle


Central West End




Japanese fare can’t get any trendier than this!  Even their website is super swanky!  The waitstaff is welcoming and friendly (shout out to Drew)! You can come to enjoy a business lunch, chic dinner, and stay to indulge in adult specialty cocktails in the lounge.


Handcrafted sushi, sashimi, makimoto, stir fry, Asian inspired entrees, and tempura fried meat and veggies. Their lunch specials are pretty sweet combinations ’cause you get to mix and match. Presentation is key here! These sushi ninja chefs create some wicked plate art that is too pretty to eat. Just kidding…we had no problem devouring our masterpieces!

Starter Salad

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine. I mean, um, iceberg lettuce is pretty boring, but the ginger dressing makes up for the lack of ingredients.  And, yes, we are aware that this is the standard salad you receive at Japanese joints.

Michelle’s Rating:

Alright. Even though there are only two ingredients (iceberg and ginger dressing), it’s pretty tasty. I wouldn’t mind a few crunchy toppings or something.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine. These were good. I ate the crap out of them, but I can’t give them full credit as my mind was really on the tempura sitting right next to these. (See below).

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! This is what keeps me coming back since I’m not a bug sushi fan.  Iceberg again, but the bowl of perfectly seasoned and chopped fillings make this appy what it is.

Shrimp Tempura w/Zucchini, Squash, Onion, and Mushroom

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous! I love tempura fried anything. Said and done.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! I believe the tempura fried technique is a gift from above because it tastes like heaven, is light as a cloud, and is as crispy as I don’t know what.

So…..funny story.  We were so eager and excited to feast upon the 4th and 5th courses of our meal, the climax if you will, that we totally forgot to take pictures! How could we?! Slackers! Food blogger fail!  That is why you see two pics above with no description because we have no idea what they are. Drew and the manager were nice enough to help us out by swinging by our table with these beautiful plate creations.  What we actually ate were the tempura fried Philly roll and spicy tuna, both of which were amazing and fabulous!

Meal Quotes:

“This Philly roll has changed by view on sushi cause this is amazing”



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