Crepes, Etc.


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Ashley & Michelle


Central West End




This super cute and trendy little place has it planned out right.  Order at the bakery style counter, watch your crepe creation get whipped together if you wish, and have a seat in the Parisian cafe inspired dinning area.  Perfect for a quick, fresh lunch, steaming cup of coffee, or tasty dessert as you people watch on Maryland Ave.


Crepes, etc. Duh. Ok, just kidding, we’ll tell you more. Here’s the laundry list: savory and sweet crepes, salads, sandwiches, soups, coffee, breakfast items, and a case of desserts. We believe you can put anything in these thin pancake pastries, but this place knows how to do it right!

Hurry with the Curry!!! – Roasted chicken, peppers, onions and curried potatoes

Ashley’s Rating:

 Fine (Bien)- A really good cream sauce and hearty innerds especially the tender taters. The components were a nice, manageable size, meaning no big huge chunks of stuff.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome (Redoutable) – This was not my first choice, but I am glad Ashley ordered it. I was pleasantly surprised that the curry was not overpowering. This is the soul food of the crepe world.

Sun Dried Tomato & Chicken Crepe – With goat cheese and Mornay

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine (Bien) – This was a tasty treat. I think you can get anything here and be happy. The goat cheese paired with the sauce was the best part, smooth and creamy, and flavorful, yum!

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome (Redoutable) – Everything about this was wonderful except for the over abundance of tart sun dried tomatoes. The chicken was tender and the creamy goat cheese complimented the flavorful sauce.

Crepe Suzette w/Orange Butter Sauce

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous (Fabuleux) – I want another one of these right now. I don’t think I have had a better crepe Suzette, ever.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing (Remarquable) –  You cannot go wrong here with this crepe classic. Don’t know who Suzette is, but she clearly knew what she was doing putting sweet orange with warm butter for this crepe topping.

Affogato Espresso Float – Chocolate gelato with a double espresso

Michelle’s Rating:

Ambrosial (Parfait) – Espresso…..yes! Gelato…..yes! Put them together….hell yes!  Talk about creamy coffee goodness!

Meal Quotes:

“We just got crepes for our meal and dessert. So what?”


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