Vito’s Sicilian Pizzeria and Ristorante


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Ashley & Michelle


Downtown near SLU




Cute and trendy Sicilian place with a nice outdoor patio and decent service. A great place to go to for dinner before you head to The Fabulous Fox Theatre for a show. 


Lunch combos, sandwiches, salads and pizza buffet (lunch only). If you are in a hurry do get the buffet, it looked good and was ready for the taking, PLUS there is a gelato cart. Entrees, pizza and pasta plus wine for supper (or as the fancy folks say dinner (pronounced din-ahh)). 

Starter Salad

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – This picture looks like a sweet ass stock photo right??!! That there is Michelle’s fantastic photo skills hard at work. This was a good salad, good greens, next time I’d hold the cheese.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome – I do like the classic Italian lettuce and toppings combo. Very fresh, but a little heavy on the dressing.

Eggplant Parmigiana

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous –  I don’t generally order eggplant, as it never seems to be prepared quite to my liking. This is a good place to try it out, I liked it.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome – Very cheesy and just the right size. I wish places would serve lunch size entrees for dinner.  By the way, I have yet to find a restaurant that can serve a crispy eggplant parmesan, let me know! The sauce always gets to it before I can.

Turkey Bacon Avocado Panini

Ashley’s Rating:

Forgetful – Great bread, great bacon. Disappointing turkey (deli style) and could’ve used more avocado.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome – Bread was chewy and toasty, bacon was perfectly cooked, and there was great cheese ratio. I agree with Ashley on the turkey and avocado disappointments here.

Meal Quotes:

“good amount of cheese to sauce”

“the bread saves this sandwich for sure”



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