Mai Lee Restaurant


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Michelle (and several co-workers)






This is the new, trendy location for St. Louis’s first Vietnamese restaurant is equipped with a good-sized, brightly lit dining room and a happenin’ bar area. The wait staff is adorable and super speedy. I mean, they have a faithful and bustling lunch crowd, so they have no choice but to bring their ‘A’ game.


Decisions, decisions. Either come early with plenty of time to paroose the menu or check it out on-line and arrive with a game plan. The menu is no joke – many chapters (think The Cheesecake Factory).  Appetizers, soups, rice and noodle plates, numerous meat and vegetarian dinners, etc. Most everything is large a la carte portions.  I hold this restaurant highly for four reasons: 1) this is super authentic cuisine, 2) word on the street is that several St. louis chefs have mentioned is their favorite restaurant, 3) my Taiwanese co-worker loves this place (and I value her Asian food opinion), 4) my taste buds tell me so.

Goi Cuon – Spring Rolls w/Shrimp and Pork

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome – Very fresh and light! I would prefer no meat in these, though, because the veggies and dipping sauce are enough.  I normally like my spring rolls fried because this type of wrapping is a bit sticky.

Pho Ga – Rice Noodles w/Chicken

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – After being introduced to Pho on my Seattle visit, I fell in love. It’s inexpensive, DIY soup.  You are served a blank canvas of  broth, meat, and noodles, then you add sauces (soy sauce, chili sauce, etc) and trimmings from the accompanying plate (sprouts, cilantro, lime, etc) to your liking.  What else could you ask for?

Rau Muong Xao Toi – Water Spinach Stir Fried in Garlic

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – A perfect side veggie. It has a stronger greens taste like regular spinach, but crunchy.  You are definitely getting your daily vitamins here!

Tom Ram Man – Stir Fried Shrimp in Vietnamese Five Spice on a Bed of Cucumbers

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – So it’s not really a “bed” of cucumbers per say, more like a dance circle on your plate cheering on the shrimp, but whatever. These are flavorful little guys!

Pad Thai – Thai Style Rice Noodles Stir Fried w/Combination Meat and Mixed Vegetables

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – This is not the pad thai you might think of at a Thai restaurant; it’s a little more bland. This is a safe go-to dish if you want noodles with lots of veggies and you can’t decide what meat you’re craving.

Ga Xao Xa Ot – Chicken Stir Fried in Hot chili, Garlic & Lemon grass

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – What great flavors here and not too spicy! A few too many onions, but a great dish over rice or by itself.



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