The Village Bar


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Click the picture to view info on Yelp. Picture courtesy of Cryrolfe Photography from Yelp.


Ashley & Michelle


Des Peres




Quintessential hole in the wall bar from the wood paneling to the beer and team branded decorations to the regulars bellied up to the bar.  It was rather crowded the day we went because of the Cardinals play off day game. This sure did add to the atmosphere and made us not want to return to work so we could grab a brewsky and cheer on the birds!


Meat between bread and fried sides served on styrofoam plates and in paper lined baskets.  This a no frills joint with no fuss service.  Actually this is really a watering hole that just happens to have a flat grill in the corner to whip up some grub for tipsy patrons.  Don’t come for a quick meal as this place is used to bar flies and guests who are enjoying their home away from home.

Single Cheeseburger (Pic courtesy of Yelp)

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine, a good fine – This tasted pretty good because the Cardinals were on T.V. in the play offs, we were with friends, and watching the locals. If it were any other day, it would just be any other burger. I know, I’m hating on the burger, but whatever.

Michelle’s Rating:

Alright – I wish I would’ve gotten a double, so it’s partly my fault.  It’s your typical grilled burger, greasy and tasty. I bet if I had one hung over, my rating would be much higher.

Club Sandwich

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – Lean, tender slices of deli meat warmed on the grill, it was pretty dang good with yummy bacon and crisp lettuce piled high.  Yeah….definitely piled high.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome! – A bit of a mouth full, but we managed. I liked how it was a step above deli meat, not pre-packaged deli meat.  Love how it the meat was warm and the bacon was perfectly crispy.

Onion Rings and Waffle Fries

Ashley’s Rating:

Forgetful – I think this is the first time in my life I have left fried bar food behind in the basket.  The onion rings were too fally-aparty and the seasoned fries were over done.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awful – I think these are the worst onion rings I’ve ever had. The breading was falling off and you are just left with a limp, greasy onion circle. Boo! The fries were more tolerable, but yes, a little more crispy than I’d like.


Fish Sandwich

Bacon Cheeseburger

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

This is actually what you need to look for when you’re driving by…..then park around back.

Meal Quotes:

“A beer sounds so amazing right now”


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  1. Well all I wanted to do was “like” this but I’m having wordpress issues. I enjoy the bacon double cheeseburger here. One of the best after a late night out.

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