Dooley’s Beef-N-Brew House


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Ashley & Michelle






You don’t even know how excited we are that they reopened bigger and better than ever! Beef and brew house is the perfect description for this awesome eatery, that’s why it’s their moniker, people! A fun welcoming place with a great waitstaff. Our waitress in particular, for both of our visits, was playfully sarcastic and made our eating experience that much more enjoyable.


Burgers galore! Now we didn’t get to partake in the brew portion of this happy joint, because we were on our lunch break and we don’t live the life of Mad Men.  Choose from a variety of sandwiches with specialty toppings and an a la carte side.

Big Pappy  – A Dooley burger with Pappy’s Smokehouse BBQ sauce, topped with onion rings, bacon, grilled pineapple, and creamed cheddar on a sesame seed bun

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – This was a good burger and a fine rating rom me is pretty good considering it’s not my favorite thing. The “scoopa” cheese is good, onion rings and bacon make it even better. The french fries were okay, nothing that made me wanna write home about them.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! Me being a burger purest/simpleton, I do love the combination of toppings of onion rings, bacon, and BBQ sauce (Pappy’s is even better). Add a scoopa cheddar and you’re in business.  I also love how these burgers and sides are perfect portions. Good thinking, Dooley’s.

Louie – A Dooley burger topped with bacon, avocado, tomato, sprouts and Russian dressing on a baguette

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – A little dry… needed more sauce, but all the ingredients had great flavor.  Onion rings were fabulous!

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome! – Again, a good combo for a burger if you’re going the healthy/California route. A little irked by the square bread with a tiny round patty. Onion rings….some of the best I’ve ever had (borderline ambrosial).

Cardinal – fried chicken breast, hot wing sauce, lettuce, tomato and creamy blue cheese

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – This was freaking good….scoopa cheese, bleu cheese style, is yummy. I scarfed my half down in no time.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – I’ve never had such a delightful breading on my chicken sandwich before….so light and crispy. I like how they put the sauce on top instead of drowning the bird.

Beer Frank – their famous all beef 1/4 lb. beer frank on a soft pretzel bun with a side of creamed cheddar cheese

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous (on the verge of Flawless) – This was the best of all, seriously!  I am not sure how a hot dog won the prize here, but it was so good. The scoopa cheese and the mustard were equally satisfying as condiments, I don’t think I liked one more that the other. Seriously, I’m kind of baffled here as I type this, I need to go back and get this again to see if it has the same effect on me twice.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! I have found a new love for pretzel as my bun of choice these days. The grilled hot dog was cooked to perfection with tons of flavor. You hardly need any condiments….just kidding….scoopa cheddar can complement any main dish.



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