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South County




St. Louis’ very own non “Hill” Italian family restaurant. This is one of those places that everyone from the Lou has been to at some point in their life.   It’s a family friendly staple with a few locations to serve you better, sounds like an advertisement right?!  Hehe.  You can choose from the typical appetizers Toasted Ravioli, Wings, Fried Veggies, etc. or Italian dishes and sandwiches like chicken spedini or Tuscany, eggplant parmigiano and Italian beef sandwich.  Pretty much everything on the menu is a good choice, especially for the noodle lover in you, there are a ton of pasta dish options.  The prices are what you’d expect for this kind of fare ranging from $10-14 for pastas and up to $17 for entrees.

This is all you get for inside pictures, I failed and deleted my picture somewhere along the way. :)

This is all you get for inside pictures, an image of the banquet room at the Crestwood location, I failed and deleted my own picture somewhere along the way. (photo courtesy of R&C’s website again)


 Let me set the scene – The dining room was dimly lit, setting the mood…yeah right, hahaha.  It was dark in there, but no specific mood was being set…hey man, we’ve got a kid, and when you need to eat, that is what you do, just eat.  On this occasion, it was get in get out quit messing about.  As for our experience, it was fairly quick and knowledgeable service.  We got the Monday night special all you can eat pastas for $11.99 which comes with salad and cheese garlic bread.  I recommend it.  Make sure you start small with the T-Rav’s and work your way up to the bigger pasta stuff.  I didn’t know the ins and outs and just ordered the pasta I wanted and couldn’t finish it, next time I will start small.  They don’t tell you some of  this until after you ordered so it’s my duty to share this knowledge with you in advance.  If I remember correctly you can’t take leftovers home since it’s all you can eat??

STL Salad

Italian Salad

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – I am not the city’s biggest fan of Italian salad, but I will eat my fair share when it is put in front of me.  This did not disappoint in any way so I was happy with it, but more excited to try the pasta and the Cheesy bread!

Provel bread

Cheese Garlic Bread

Ashley’s Rating:

Forgetful – It was a sad day in the cheese bread world. This beautifully prepared specimen was made with the dreaded Provel cheese.  Why, oh, why did I have to move to the Provel capital of the world?  If you have read past posts you’ll know that (said in an old Western accent) “I ain’t from around these here parts”  and I grew up eating Wisconsin Cheese, a place of heaven-sent cheese.  Here, I seem to always get fooled by Provel.  J.J. says that growing up in Wisconsin you never had to ask what “kind” of cheese was on anything, because it was most likely mozzarella or some other favorite.  Here I have come to learn to question cheese!  I really do love STL but this Provel nonsense has got to go.  🙂  But remember if you like Provel, they do it right here, it was perfectly prepared.

Main dish

Tortellini in a cream sauce with mushrooms, peas and parmigiano cheese

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – This was the best part. I love a quality cream sauce on pasta and I was a happy camper with this plate.  Next time I am going to start with a smaller option, skip the cheese bread and the salad and see if I can down a couple different pasta dishes!

What J.J. and the Munchkin had.


Quattro Fromaggio

Rav's for the little dude

Kiddie Ravioli


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