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Ashley & Michelle


University City




This restaurant is on the stretch of Olive Blvd. by 170 where many other Asian restaurants and authentic markets reside. If you have never been to a Korean restaurant, which we had not, then you’re in for an experience.  This ain’t no regular fried rice kind of place.


photo courtesy of Yelp


Be brave here, folks, and try something out of your usual Asian cuisine comfort zone.  The no frills service starts you off with a smorgasbord of  marinated vegetarian friendly items….and they keep coming!  About 15 mini plates engulf your table. Feel free to ask for more of what you found likable. Let the bravery begin! Next pick your entree from the vast menu.  Note to patron: these dishes are priced and plated for sharing.   


Complimentary Korean Appetizers

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – There were several tasty options and some a little far off of my palette of happiness. But overall this was a very interesting and broad way start to our first adventure in Korean fare.

Michelle’s Rating:

Alright – I was pleasantly surprised when I tried most of these items. The bok choy, lotus, cucumber, kelp, sprouts, beans, were among the tasty ones. P.S. I feel bad for the dish washer.


Haemul Soondooboo – Tofu Soup w/Assorted Seafood

Ashley’s Rating:

Fair – I am glad I tried this, but it’s not necessarily something I would get again. In general fish soup is not my favorite thing. My dislike for fishy fish water soup goes beyond this bowl. Sorry.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awful! I was expecting much more flavor than this had. The only thing that stood out was the spiciness.  I feel like this wasn’t worth another bite, partially because I was excited about the other dishes we had ordered.


Chap Chae – Stir Fried Glass Noodle w/Veggies & Beef

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – This is a somewhat safe dish to get considering it was beef and veggies, but it was so good! Totally recommend this dish. The meat was tender and the veggies crisp, each having been married with the yummy sauce.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing – I have a soft spot in my heart for Asian noodles with veggies and meat. The light flavorful sauce makes it so addictive. I could have eaten ten plates of this! 


Dak Bulgoki – Spicy Korean Style Marinated Chicken

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – Flavorful chicken and onion or bok choy (we disagree on which it was paired with, we have bad memories). A good item to sop up the tasty sauces that are on your plate.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome! A little on the dry side, but the meat was very tender, which is a personal preference of mine. I like how the dish was bite sized pieces of chicken, kind of pop in your mouth style. 


Complimentary Yogurt Flavored After Dinner Drink

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – This was interestingly weird and scrumptious all at the same time.

Michelle’s Rating:

Alright – I was little hesitant at first because it looked a little sketchy. The flavor was a mix of  orange juice and yogurt with a milked down smoothie consistency with a slight grit. I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet and tasty it was.

Meal Quotes:

“ooh, that’s delicious, I like that”

“ok, what is this?”



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