Southern Comfort Taste of Soulard


You Are Invited To:

Click on the picture to view the event website. Picture courtesy of

Click on the picture to view the event website. Picture courtesy of




Clayton….just kidding. Soulard, silly.




What an awesome way to get the Soulard Mardi Gras experience without the overly intoxicated crowd! Plus, parking spots and toilets are more easily accessible as well.  It’s a recipe for a great day of day drinking and progressive eating.  The bars do get rather crowded, but most of them have tents setup for more space. Regardless, it’s a fun atmosphere all around.


For $25, you get a booklet with 6 food tickets and 1 drink ticket to use as 36 participating restaurant/bars in the area for the weekend.  In other words, if you get to comfy in a particular watering hole and can’t get your friends to relocate fast enough before the food is put away, come back on Sunday to use your left over tickets. A friend advised that Sunday is even better because the food samples are handed out generously.  Dang. Missed that tip!


Hot Tequila Wings from Hammerstone’s

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome! – The sauce was wonderful and flavorful with a little kick, but the wing itself could have been more crispy on the outside and more tender on the inside. I give them props for not putting the sauce on until you pick them up. Nothing’s worse than a soggy wing!

Crab Balls and Grits

Crab Beignets with Cheesy Jalapeno Grits from Molly’s

Michelle’s Rating:

Somewhere between Amazing and Ambrosial! – This was one of my favorites of the day! I’ve never had anything like this combo before. Crispy, lightly fried crab cake ball on a bed of creamy, lightly cheesy grits with a kick topped with a light sauce. The grits were almost mash potato like. Wonderfulness!!!

Fried Taco

Flash Fried Beef Taco from Chava’s

Michelle’s Rating:

Ambrosial! – Not surprised the line for these was ridiculously long. Piping hot and the light shell melted in my mouth! Juicy, flavorful meat, and simple toppings…..definitely going back to eat these for dinner soon.

Seafood Rice Bowl

Cajun Shrimp and Crab Rice Bowl from Great Grizzly Bear

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome! This was delightful and so warm on a chilly afternoon. Tiny shrimp were a perfect size and the dish overall was not too fishy. Nice creamy consistency and the rice was cooked perfectly. I would’ve easily eaten a huge bowl of this.

Chicken Pizza

Blackened Chicken Creole Pizza from Joanie’s Pizzeria

Michelle’s Rating:

Alright. This didn’t live up to the hype of its descriptive name. The chicken was seasoned well, but overall, nothing special. I was shocked at how empty the inside of this restaurant was. Definitely didn’t have the same upbeat social vibe as the rest of Soulard for some reason.


(Almost Gluten Free) Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie and Regular Chocolate Chip Cookie from Soulard Coffee Garden

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – The chocolate chip cookies get this rating because they were right out of the oven and the peanut butter ones because they have a chocolate bottom. Score!



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