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Strip mall location

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Ashley & Michelle


University City




Well, here’s an ethnic cuisine we haven’t blogged about yet. Step into this Jamaican hut (in a strip mall off Olive), grab a seat in the afternoon sunshine, and listen to some Bob Marley while you scan the menu. Be prepared…..the staff is on laid back Jamaican time.  No worries, man (to be read in a Jamaican accent)!


The food is not plated to look appetizing. You have to just dive in and savor.


Codfish Balls  – mashed potatoes with seasoned codfish, fried and served with sour cream

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – I’m gonna say it…these little fish balls were good. Fried mashed potatoes with a little bit of fish incorporated = surprisingly tasty and then dipped in sour cream was quite the treat.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome – I like the idea with these and they had potential, but these perfectly fried balls, needed some more seasoning.


Stewed chicken with onions, garlic and carrots, and baked potato

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – I really am not a fan of meat on the bone, so this kind of threw me off track as soon as I had to yank a bone out of my mouth. The side vegetables were super soft and flavorful, they made me smile.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome. The flavor medley was delightful, however I had the same feeling regarding the bones. I don’t like to have to dig through my dish to get a hearty fork full.


Jamaican Jerked Pork with Rice and Cabbage

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – The pork was great! The sauce really tasty. The rice good. I would get this pork again but with the veggies from the above combo.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome. The palette pleasing sauce which was sweet and spicy was a perfect complement to the tender pork.  A tad heavy on the onions and the rice and beans were forgetful.



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