The Shack


You Are Invited To:

The Shackness




SLU Campus




I like the looks of this place, decorated in a way I like. From the reclaimed door tables to the exposed brick and different ceiling tiles. The staff is mainly college kids, so it wasn’t super-duper attentive or awesome. But we survived. The lunch crowd seemed pretty laid back, but I am sure the evening brings a bit of rowdy fun.

In the front door


Pub grub in an urban setting….burgers, pizza, tacos, sandwiches – something for everyone…oh yeah, and a food challenge!!  The Shack is the home of Evan Benn’s Death Row Challenge . Maybe you should try it and tell us how it is.


Taco, Taco, Taco – served with cabbage, salsa fresco, queso blanco cheese, cilantro and onion

Baja Fish – breaded tilapia, buttermilk dressing and guacamole

Steak – marinated steak, guacamole, sour cream 

Pork Belly – crispy pork belly and jalapeno pineapple salsa

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – The Baja Fish was crispy and flavorful however could have used a tish more dressing, I really do love my dressings you know. The Steak was also good with nice bits of tender meat yet was somewhat of a naked taco, so there was quite a good dose of steak flavor. The Pork Belly was yummy but definitely could have used a little more in the meat quantity department. Overall I was happy-ish with this lunch, but I am at a slight loss for words here. Here is why. I usually do not like my tacos doused in cabbage shavings and sloppy pico or salsa-y stuff. But this was weird, the “served with” toppings were so sparse that I am not sure they were even there. YET, I did walk away pleasantly full and that one of the more important things, right?

What others ordered


 The Shackwich – blackened chicken, served on fresh-baked French bread and STUFFED with hand cut fries, coleslaw, tomato and melted provolone. Shown minus coleslaw and tomato. 🙂 I am going to get the Pulled Pork Shackwich the next time I swing by. Yum.

Sweet Little Burger

 The Shackburger – lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and shackilicious sauce

(just knowing they serve a “shackilicious sauce” makes me grin)

Fish Salad?!?!

Insalada – chopped mixed greens, roasted corn salsa, tomatoes, green onions, salsa fresca, crispy tortilla strips, queso blanco cheese served with green chili vinaigrette and the addition of breaded tilapia. 


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