One 19 North Tapas and Wine Bar


You Are Invited To:

Street Front

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Ashley & Michelle


Downtown Kirkwood




Inside this wine cellar looking restaurant, it’s so warm and homey yet sophisticated. Boy, does this place ooze atmosphere! If you don’t want to immediately get a glass of wine and an appy, something is wrong with you.  The staff is super attentive and welcoming.



What a lovely selection of sandwiches and salads for lunch and artfully crafted tapas served pretty much all day.  Each small plate sounds better than the last.

Goat Cheese

Baked Goat Cheese Appetizer

Ashley’s Rating:

Flawless – Like seriously, this was so splendid. Warm goat cheese spread on top of perfectly toasted and buttered bread. Dude.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing – The fact that the goat cheese was baked in a pool of tangy marinara puts this in an appetizer class all its own!


Roasted Poblano Bisque (Soup du Jour)

Ashley’s Rating:

Fair – Pepper soup is an acquired taste. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for this especially when paired with the above. We should have been smarter.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awful – nothing against the chef, my taste buds just didn’t appreciate this one.


Carnita Wrap and Coleslaw

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – This was pretty darn fabulous, look at that thick layer of greens!! The wrap (outerlayer) itself is perfection.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! You get a bite of flavorful, tender meat and fresh lettuce in every bite. I throughly enjoyed the fact that they use honey mustard in the creamy slaw.

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad Sandwich and Chips

Ashley’s Rating:

Flawless – Above and beyond flawless, this sandwich literally had me grinning from ear to ear and I’m pretty sure there were angels were singing somewhere. 

Michelle’s Rating:

Ambrosial! Props to the chef for this wonderful creation! Putting chicken salad onto craisin/raisin bread when they would normally be thrown in the mix…..genius! I can taste it right now. Plus, the chips are homemade. Bonus!

Meal Quotes:

“I feel like the chefs here know what they are doing!”

“I feel another completely flawless experience coming on”


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