The Scottish Arms


You Are Invited To:

Street Front

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Ashley & Michelle


Central West End




If Scottish pubs across the pond are dark, dingy, and old, then they hit the nail on the head with the atmosphere here. The staff is friendly and helpful.  If you’re in the mood, belly up to the bar after work for a Guinness and/or check out their brunch.



Not the sandwich you came in for. Seriously, we were teased by the online menu, and learned when we reviewed the actual menu that the internet had not been updated. Sad face.  This place takes their moniker to heart as many of their dishes seem authentic to the Isles.  Not just fish and chips here folks.  We didn’t realize how dirty the dish names are in Scotland (hehe see below).

Sausage Sliders

Currywurst Sliders – berkshire banger, whisky caramelized onions, chillup curry sauce (not on a pretzel bun as the menu promised)

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – Anything with whisky in it makes me happy…happy hour happy.  I don’t love sausage though. Somebody, please make sure Michelle doesn’t let me order sausage the next place we go. Disclaimer: Has nothing to do with this fine establishment.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome. – Sausage was flavorful (I did get a nurdle though); hard to eat these two small wedges of the sausage on the tiny bun.  Carmelized onions made a great topper. Love the homemade pickles and chips.

Pot Pie Looking Thing

Cock-A-Leekie Pie – bowl of slow cooked, shredded chicken, leeks, white wine, cream, served with puff pastry lid, and apple fennel salad

(We didn’t realize how dirty the dish names are in Scotland.)

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – It was good. Small portion though. Flaky crust made this dish!

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome! – Great flavor, especially the crust. Could use some more fillings. It is more soupy than stewy. Salad was a teaser.

Bread Pudding

Scottish Arms Bread Pudding – croissant, figs, apricots, golden raisins, served warm with whisky creme anglaise, and  blueberries

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – Fresh berries, and a nice and thick whiskey cream sauce …. the only thing wrong was I had to share it with Michelle.

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing – The two bites that Ashley left for me melted in my mouth.

Kinda Creepy

Meal Quotes:

“This is really growing on me….I know what you mean, each bite gets better and better”

“I’m not quite sure what you are doing leaving the bowl unlicked”


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