The Loading Dock


You Are Invited To:

From the Dock

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Grafton, IL

(Yes, I crossed the river again. But, hey, St. Louisians totally make this part of their summer tradition, so it counts.)


Dinner and Drinks


Take the scenic route along the River Road or boat here along the Illinois or Mississipi rivers to enjoy day drinking at its best.  No matter the season outside, you can always count on a summertime feel on the dock.  Weekend bands make this gigantic place even more of a party.  The connected warehouse offers even more to this location including a rustic, modern wedding reception venue and a flea market every 4th weekend in the months of April through October.  You can also have your wedding cermony on the hill overlooking the river, a special event under the dock’s tent, or utilize the property’s great photo op’s for a photo shoot.

Under the Dock


Short and sweet a la carte menu with fried finger food staples (fires, onion rings, chips) and typical sandwiches.  Basically classic bar and grill food enough to keep you hanging around this watering hole just a little longer.

Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork, Onion Rings, and Asian Slaw

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome – Pulled pork is tender, but could use just a smidge more sauce.

Awesome – Onion rings are super crispy with a great batter to onion ratio!

Alright – Asian slaw is a little heavy on the vinegar. I like mine a little sweeter.



Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome – Solid, juicy burger tha is just the right size.

Fried Fish

White Fish Sandwhich

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome! Another solid choice. Perfectly crispy and big enough to share.

Specialty Drinks

Specialty Cocktails

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! I couldn’t get enough of the “Just Peachy” drink on the rocks (left). Don’t miss the also refreshing, frozen “Dock Lemonade” (right). The tentative waitstaff keeps the drinks flowing!


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