Joyia Tapas


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Corner Spot

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Ashley & Michelle


The Grove




We’ve been here for lunch on several occasions and it’s not uncommon to be less busy during the noon hour. We bet that this place is hopping at night and on the weekends. They also have wine and art nights here or so we’ve seen on the Google machine. The space is modern and colorful, and just inviting in general.

Bar Area


Mediterranean inspired tapas, sandwiches, and other typical lunch fare. The lunch menu is affordable, even before we use our coupons which we generally like to use when we come here. The food is consistently delicious and the service never disappoints!

food and florida 003

Appetizer Special – Smother Taquitos

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – The sauce on this was really good! Too bad I had to share with Michelle because I could’ve eaten all of them myself.

Michelle’s Rating:

Awesome! The perfect sized crunchy, tasteful starter.

food and florida 004

Salmon Pistachio – Pistachio encrusted salmon with a sweet potato puree, served with sautéed spinach and a cherry red wine sauce

Ashley’s Rating:

Fabulous – Not only is it beautifully presented, but it tastes as good as it looks. The flavors blend really well!

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – The salmon was perfectly cooked. The slight crunch of the nuts with the creamy texture of the potatoes is highlighted by the red wine sauce. Delish!

food and florida 005

 Mediterranean Chicken Burger – Freshly ground chicken seasoned with spinach, Feta, roasted red peppers and onions, served with avocados, lettuce and tomatoes with a roasted garlic aioli 

Ashley’s Rating:

Fine – I don’t care for this as much as Michelle does. I fancy the Beef Tenderloin Sandwich!  I heart the freshly made potato chips that accompany the lunch sandwiches!

Michelle’s Rating:

Amazing! – This has been my go-to dish on repeat visits. So flavorful from the meat to the bread to the toppings. The mini Greek style salad on the side is a tasty little addition. Lunch party in my mouth!

Private Rooms


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