Ashley – the weirdly funny brunette from South City

 Michelle – the witty blonde from North County


Local eating establishments … No TGI-Mc-APPLE-BACKS for us


 The greater St. Louis area


Lunch, occasional dinners, brunch, dessert and appetizers


Work brought us to the same city, food brought us to the same table.  We both appreciate tasty food and spent a lot of time at work discussing our delicious experiences.  Several times our co-workers would tell us to start a blog about our good eats, but not because of the yummy food we had, but because we were so funny in how we talked about it.

Our goal is to promote local restaurants and showcase what St. Louis has to offer.  And we believe that you can make better menu choices based on images and we hope that this helps you try something new – a new restaurant or something you may not normally pick.


Flawless –  It was so good, it makes me want to touch myself

Fabulous – It was so good, I have to go back

Fine – I liked it but didn’t love it

Fair – I can live without having that again

Forgetful –  Gag me with a wooden spoon


Ambrosial – Fit for the gods, delectable, mouthwatering, heavenly, divine

Amazing – Daydreaming about the yumminess and excited about revisiting

Awesome – Almost Amazing, but not quite there

Alright – Good and Edible

Awful – Don’t want this in or around my mouth ever again

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  1. Ashley I have to say just reading your Food ratings brought back many memories and all my co-workers are now wondering what I am laughing at. Cant wait to read your blog. For everybody else she truley does say those comments when she eats food.
    Love you Girl

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